Friday, May 30, 2014

Screening 'Made in Bhutan' in Belgium

On 20th May, we successfully screened the documentary of the Loden Foundation titled 'Made in Bhutan' in Brussels, Belgium. The screening of the short documentary dedicated to young entrepreneurs in Bhutan was opened by H.E. Ambassador Sonam Tshong and followed by a roundtable discussion with Gerard Tardy and Dorji Tashi from Loden and Maarten Desmet from the University for Common Good. The event was attended by about 60 friends of Bhutan, including the Bolivian and the US Ambassadors.

Loden launched its Entrepreneurship Programme in 2008. Since then it has funded 63 local entrepreneurs, creating a total of over 300 employment opportunities nation wide. Initiated by the foundation, “Made in Bhutan” portrays this recent emergence of entrepreneurship. In 2012, pro-bono director Hirondelle Chatelard travelled the kingdom with a Bhutanese film crew meeting and interviewing entrepreneurs and key individuals.

Maarten Desmet, Gerard Tardy and Dorji Tashi on the panel
With Gerard Tardy and Dorji Tashi after the event

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