Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Popular games played at Tsechus

Last year, I visited Paro Tsechu. This year I was in Haa and Thimphu to enjoy the local versions of these religious festivals which tend to be real festivities with people dressed in their best, picnicking, chatting, watching mask dancers, shopping and playing. They play one of the country's traditional games such as khuru (dart), digor (throwing stones), and the most popular archery. 

But they also play other games as you can see in the pictures. And they involve monks, too. 

This is roulette where you can win different things from the shelf. I played with the no13, no surprise I lost my 20 Ngultrum.
It requires full mental concentration to pick up the full beer bottle, so this monk has some advantage. 
This game is universal, also played in Hungary. 

This combines dart with roulette.  You put your money on numbers, throw your dart towards the target, and the referee loudly announces the number you hit. 

This is an advanced version of a game, caramboard, played across the country. You pick a numbered bottle cap  (see DVD box on the right) and try to put as many numbered disks as necessary in the corner holes by hitting them with another disk to reach a total figure of 20 - adding up the numbers you put in the holes + your bottle cap number.  If you pick the bottle cap numbered 20, you immediately win.

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