Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No cars, just football, puppies and drugs

In Brussels, there is one Sunday a year when cars are not allowed to circulate within the centre. In Thimphu, every Tuesday is a 'car-free' day. On that day, only taxis can go to the centre and the policemen, who normally control the traffic from their nicely decorated booth at the only major junction of the city, also take a break.

So I walked around and saw again one of my favourite stray dog families with puppies sucking a bit of milk in the middle of the road. Aren't they cute?

At the end of the day, I played outdoor football (5 aside) with enthusiastic local kids and two guys of my age. We stopped when we could no longer see the ball and each other in the dark. I felt much better afterwards than last year when I foolishly agreed to play against the police team on a big pitch.  Then, I was almost dead after ten minutes. Now, I decided to play  once or twice a week.

I forgot to tell that this time I used a bit of drugs. And I have to admit I inhaled it. Although, with no cigarette or any other conduit was involved. It's pure and natural, right from the source. You just stand in and slowly breath in and out, in and out, in and out ...


  1. Great combination: football, puppies, & drugs...seems like heaven. Been wanting to go to Bhutan for their agriculture and environment. First time I've seen weed just anywhere

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