Thursday, March 21, 2013

First International Day of Happiness: 20th March

On 20th March, the UN-declared International Day of Happiness was celebrated for the first time in Bhutan with a national public holiday and all over the world with various events. I attended one of the interesting event that was organised by the Embassy of Bhutan in Brussels. 

In my photo, the man with the  telescope is Leo Bormans who edited the "World Book of Happiness". Next to him there are Sonam Tshong, Bhutan Ambassador, Jan-Emmanuel De NeveAssistant Professor of Political Economy and Behavioral Science, Peter Van Rompuy, Belgian politician, son of the President of Council of Europe, and Koen VanMechelen, artist who spoke about his "Cosmopolitan Chicken Project" which was a bit out of context....

We also had the opportunity to watch one part of a great documentary film "7 Billion Others" that was asking people around the world about how they define Happiness. 

Thanks to Bhutan's successful efforts at the UN, this day will now remind us every year about the importance of striving towards a happier world for all. 

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