Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Visiting a film crew next to the Chinese border

In a small traditional village located in the Haa valley, western Bhutan, not far from the Chinese border, a new Bhutanese movie is being made. The director is Karma Tshering who was the first professional movie maker in Bhutan. With substantial international experience, he's now back to making fiction movies after a 7-year period of documentary film making. One of the leading roles is played by popular actress Kezang D Wangmo

I got invited to the first day of the shooting and I was impressed by the humble and welcoming crew. I had a great time and look forward to the premiere. 

In good company with Kezang D Wangmo and Karma Tshering

The crew in action

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  1. Zoltan, is it going to be a documentary on you ? I am preparing popcorn and coke for the premier! All the best, the Cambridge Hungarian Branch of Bhutan Lovers.